Aug, 2019

Dynamic Block Sparse Reparametarization of Convolutional Neural Networks

Dharma Teja Vooturi, Girish Varma, Kishore Kothapalli
4th International Workshop on Compact and Efficient Feature Representation and Learning in Computer Vision, ICCV 2019

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May, 2018

Cityscale Road Audit System using Deep Learning

Sudhir Kumar Reddy, Girish Varma, C V Jawahar
JTCF Novel Technology paper award Finalist
International Conference on Intelligent Robots

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May, 2018

Efficient Semantic Segmentation using Gradual Grouping

Nikitha Vallurupalli, Sriharsha Annamaneni, Girish Varma, C V Jawahar, Manu Mathew, Soyeb Nagori
Best Runner-Up Award, Oral Presentation
IEEE Embedded Vision Workshop, CVPR’18

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Mar, 2018

Class2Str: End to End Latent Hierarchy Learning

Soham Saha, Girish Varma, C V Jawahar
International Conference on Pattern Recognision

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Jun, 2017

Compressing Models for Recognizing Places

Soham Saha, Girish Varma, CV Jawahar
Spotlight Oral Presentation
In Asian Conference on Pattern Recognision ACPR