I am an faculty at the Center for Security, Theory & Algorithms Research (CSTAR) and the Machine Learning Lab at IIIT Hyderabad, broadly interested in theoretical and applied computer science problems.

I did my Phd thesis on Computational Complexity theory (at TIFR Mumbai) and continues to have interest in Complexity theory, Combinatorics and Graph theory. Later I went on to do research (at IIIT Hyderabad) in Deep Learning, specifically Model Compression techniques and Semantic Segmentation for Autonomous Navigation. A summary of my research can be found here.

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Jul, 2021

Complexity Theory I

A short 12 lecture course on Computability and Complexity Theory.

Jul, 2021

Maths for CS I: Probability and Statistics

A first course in probability and statistics with a focus on discrete spaces.

Apr, 2021

Linear Algebra II

An introduction to intermediate level topics in Linear Algebra by a series of questions and answers. All materials including videos, notes, assignments is provided here. The textbooks used are also openly available.

Jan, 2021

Markov Chain Monte Carlo: Theory, Applications and Interdisciplinary Problems

A project oriented course on theory and applications of MCMC techniques.

Jan, 2020

Probabilistic Graphical Models

Probabilistic Graphical Models refers to i.) concise representations of probability distributions using graphs ii.) efficient algorithms for sampling distributions represented in such form iii.) learning these representations from data.

Jul, 2019

Advanced Mathematical Structures

A broad set of intermediate and advanced level topics in Algebra, Combinatorics, Probability and Graph Theory.

Events & Talks

Selected Publications

Aug, 2021 | PReMI'21

Automated Seed Quality Testing System using GAN & Active Learning

Sandeep Nagar, Prateek Pani, Raj Nair, Girish Varma
9th International Conference on Pattern Recognition and Machine Intelligence 2021

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Jun, 2021 | TPM Workshop at UAI'21

CInC Flow: Characterizable Invertible 3x3 Convolution

Sandeep Nagar, Marius Dufraisse, Girish Varma
4th Workshop on Tractable Probabilistic Modeling, (UAI) 2021

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Apr, 2021 | Concurrency Computat Pract Exper. 2021

Ramanujan Bipartite Graph Products for Efficient Block Sparse Neural Networks

Dharma Teja Vooturi, Girish Varma, Kishore Kothapalli
Concurrency & Computation: Practice & Experience, 2021

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Feb, 2021 | UAI'21

Generalized Parametric Path Problems

Prerona Chatterjee, Kshitij Gajjar, Jaikumar Radhakrishnan, Girish Varma
37th Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence (UAI) 2021

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May, 2020 | Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 2020.

Deep Learning Enabled Inorganic Material Generator

Yashaswi Pathak, Karandeep Singh Juneja, Girish Varma, Masahiro Ehara, U. Deva Priyakumar
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 2020,22, 26935-26943

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May, 2020 | ARVO Annual Meeting

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Classify Retinal Developmental Disorders

Helen Kuht, Shuihua Wang, Garima Nishad, Sharon George, Gail Maconachie, Viral Sheth, Zhanhan Tu, Michael Hisaund, Rebecca McLean, Seema Teli, Frank Proudlock, Girish Varma, Yu-Dong Zhang, Irene Gottlob, Mervyn George Thomas
Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science

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Oct, 2019 | NCVPRIPG'19

Semantic Segmentation Datasets for Resource Constrained Training

Ashutosh Mishra*, Sudhir Kumar*, Tarun Kalluri*, Girish Varma, Anbumani Subramanian, Manmohan Chandrakar, C V Jawahar
7th National Conference on Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Image Processing and Graphics (NCVPRIPG 2019)

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Aug, 2019 | ICCVW'19

Dynamic Block Sparse Reparametarization of Convolutional Neural Networks

Dharma Teja Vooturi, Girish Varma, Kishore Kothapalli
4th International Workshop on Compact and Efficient Feature Representation and Learning in Computer Vision, ICCV 2019

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Jul, 2018 | BMVC'18

Improved Visual Relocalization by Discovering Anchor Points

Soham Saha, Girish Varma, C V Jawahar
Spotlight Presentation
British Machine Vision Conference

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May, 2018 | IROS'18

Cityscale Road Audit System using Deep Learning

Sudhir Kumar Reddy, Girish Varma, C V Jawahar
JTCF Novel Technology paper award Finalist
International Conference on Intelligent Robots

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Jan, 2016 | Phd Thesis at TIFR, Mumbai

Hardness of Approximate Coloring

Phd Thesis advised by Prof. Prahlad Harsha
Supported by Google India Phd Fellowship in Algorithms
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai.

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Dec, 2015 | CCC'15 | ToC

A Characterization of Hard-to-cover CSPs

Amey Bhangale, Prahladh Harsha, Girish Varma
Theory of Computing Journal (ToC)
Computational Complexity Conference (CCC)

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Sep, 2015 | SICOMP | STOC'15

Super-polylogarithmic hypergraph coloring hardness via low-degree long codes

Venkat Guruswami, Prahladh Harsha, Johan Hastad, Srikanth Srinivasan, Girish Varma
SIAM Journal on Computing (SICOMP)
Sym. of Theory of Computing (STOC)

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Sep, 2012 | JTB'12 | SODA'11

Physarum Can Compute Shortest Paths

Vincenzo Bonifaci, Kurt Mehlhorn, Girish Varma
Journal of Theoretical Biology
Symp. of Discrete Algorithms

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